Power Bank 10400mAh

power bank 10400mah ravpower

The Power Bank is an external lithium ion battery, compatible with any brand and model of mobile phone or any device that charges through USB devices, such as tablets, e-books, media players, etc. The Power Bank being the product of the year in terms of external batteries, allowing very little room to get an extra battery.

power bank 10400mah

Power bank 10400mAh includes:

  • Micro USB input port to charge the Power Bank using phone charger or by connecting to the computer USB port using the USB / microUSB cable that comes with the Power Bank.

  • 2 Port USB 1V output which allows you to charge the phone with the cable including USB / microUSB for charging 2V and tablet. In the case of the charging device has no entry microUSB, as in the case of the iPhone, you can use the original cable that brings your mobile.

power bank 10400mah ravpower

What use can give a power bank 10400mAh?

The battery power bank 10400mAh has the ability to charge sufficient to charge phones and tablets without breaking a sweat as currently mobile and tablets do not usually exceed the carrying capacity of 4.000mAh. Even with so much capacity, you can charge your devices several times on a single charge of the power bank.

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The power bank have become highly sought product and there are few companies who want to break into the market. To achieve some offer a very sloppy product, lying on its specifications, quality components … ultimately you are going to lose money.

That’s why in TuPowerBank.es India have made a selection of the best PowerBank 8400mAh available in the market that have been tested by many users and praised by them. So you buy 100% ensures quality.

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