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Using a Power Bank

What is a Power Bank?

A Power Bank is a portable external battery to charge our mobile or any electronic product that includes battery charging via USB. You can learn more about the product here.

How to load a Power Bank?

You can charge your Power Bank connecting a> USB (male) * Micro USB cable (female) directly to the mains or to a PC or MAC. You can also charge your Apple device like the iPhone using the original cable that came with your device.

* Micro USB cable (female)> USB (male), is the same which include smart phones.

How do I use a Power Bank?

You must charge the Power Bank device before use. Once loaded, as explained in the previous section, you must connect it to your mobile, tablet or other electronic device with micro USB cable and it will start charging. After the load, repeat the process when necessary.

Can I use any USB cable?

You can use the Micro USB> USB cable Power Bank incorporating the device or you can use one that already dispongas at home. In the case of Apple devices like the iPhone you can use the original cable that came with your device.

How much charge Power Bank to provide my electronic device (Mobile, Tablet …)?

This depends on the capacity of the battery with your device you are going to charge the Power Bank device will have a given load depending on the model, being 2600-5600 – 12000-20000 mAh their capacities available, depending on model can charge your mobile 100% if you meet the conditions outlined in the manual of the device power bank.

Keep in mind that the capacity of the power bank, has an efficiency of 100% capacity, other lost and uses energy for the process of charging the device. The percentage of mobile end load also depends on the use of it and its configuration.

Example: If we have a model Power Bank 2600mAh and 2600mAh mobile battery capacity not to pick the phone to 100% because in the process of moving energy from one device to another, it uses energy and efficiency the power bank is around 50% capacity.

The Power Bank needs several cycles of complete charge and discharge to be optimized and can perform at full capacity.

How soon fully charged one Power Bank?

The Power Bank take to load device depending on the capacity of the Power Bank. All models can be loaded with up to 1000 mA. Note that the charging time will depend on whether it is connected to the mains or USB (slower in this case). You can also vary over time, as it is purchased lithium batteries deteriorate over time.

How long to fully charge my device?

The charging device according to take the battery capacity thereof.Can I use any USB cable?

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