What is a Power Bank?

What is a power bank? Power Bank battery is a portable multimedia devices such as phones, tablets, mp3, mp4 etc. The batteries have not evolved with mobile and that’s why when we use our mobile is quite possible that if we do not reach an advanced use daily. How many times have you run out of battery at a critical moment? Power Bank solves the problem.

Power bank

With this battery we can take a few milliamps in our pocket for emergencies, while we expect battery technology to last us a week. No plug is needed as charging via USB. The product is created based on different users with models from 2600 mAh to 20,000 mAh. You have a comparative table on our home page: TuPowerBank India

How to load a Power Bank?

como cargar power bank

Power load our Bank is very simple. For this we must connect it to your PC or Mac via USB, but it is also possible to connect it to the wall if you have a charger with USB input always as you have 5V and 1 amp.

When we connect to the PC, the LED on the power bank will turn red to indicate being charged and stop it when charging is complete. NOTE: You may notice on some models full charge can vary. Find out by reading the manual.

Charging the phone using a Power Bank?

como cargar el movil usando power bank

When our battery running low (20%) it is time to load it using the Power Bank. To do this connect to our mobile power bank with Micro USB cable provided with the product. The LED will show up indicating the completion of charging. Since TuPowerBank advise you not download the battery of 20% to prevent deterioration of the battery and thus extend its life.

In models of Power Bank 20000mAh 12000mAh and includes two USB outputs 1V and 2V – which will allow us also load tablet, and even while carrying a mobile.


Formerly our disposal mobile battery that lasted a week on a single charge. With technological advancement consumes battery power faster and in many cases the battery fails to complete the day. So a Power Bank becomes a must for your multimedia devices using daily to power battery charging anywhere accessory. Although it may seem an expensive accessory, on the contrary, it is very economical power bank.

Antiguamente disponíamos de móviles con baterías que duraban una semana con una sola carga. Con el avance tecnológico la batería se consume más rápido y en muchos casos la batería no llega a completar el día. Así que una Power Bank se convierte en un accesorio imprescindible para los que usen su dispositivo multimedia diariamente al poder cargar la batería en cualquier parte. Aunque pueda parecer un accesorio caro, al contrario, power bank es muy económico.

If you want to get one, you can find a collection made by us. If you have any questions you can stop by the “Frequent Questions

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